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Intuit is committed to protecting the privacy of everyone who visits our Web sites or uses our products and services. Your trust is important to us. All of our Web sites link to a privacy statement where we explain how we collect and use your data. If you ever have a question about privacy, just ask us.

From time to time, Intuit contacts valued customers like you with important news about product upgrades, new products and services, and other special offers. We think you'll find this material to be of great value. To receive our occasional messages, you don't have to do a thing. We'll be in touch when we have information we truly believe you'll be interested in.

If you'd rather not hear from us. . .

All you have to do is  click here to update or specify your preferences.  But, before you do, please consider this: the vast majority of Intuit customers DO choose to let us stay in touch. Why? Because they want to take advantage of the money-saving offers we have, and receive hot-off-the-press information that can help them get the most from Intuit products and services. So, ask us not to contact you if you want, but know that you may be losing out on some great deals and information!

Please note that if you do ask us not to contact you, and we sincerely hope you won't, we may still contact you if . . . We need to tell you about critical product updates, alerts, or notices that could affect your ability to use our products or services . . . You contact us with a specific question or request . . . We need to clarify order information that you sent us.
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